Recreating the cosmos

Role: Photographer, VFX artist

Production: Exodus

Director: Kiran Dhoot


Part of Exodus short film released in August 2018, The idea was to recreate a realistic solar storm using practical effects. The objective was to support the storytelling by integrating VFX scenes in the edit in order  to  make the audience believe that Earth is in real danger.

We made that possible by dropping chemicals on a glass surface, let is spread with gravity, setting up the light and shooting raw photo sequences with a macro lense.


In the not too distance future, when a violent solar storm scorches the surface of the Earth, the governments of the world
form the International Evacuation Force (“IEF”) in an attempt to migrate as many humans off the planet as possible. Those
not fortunate enough to board shuttles are directed to bunkers with the promise of rescue pods jettisoned from space to
their locations. In Bunker 184, a group of people consisting of a shop keeper (Caesar), an accountant (Adam), and an IEF
soldier (Gibson) are told via radio there is only one space available aboard a shuttle for them.